TEDxMarinette Youtube Is Now Available

The video for the day has been uploaded and is now available on the TED website or on youtube.  Click on the speakers page where you will find links to each of the talks.

TEDxMarinette – Not Done!

Although the actual day may have come and gone, now we need to put into action the concepts presented at TEDxMarinette and “change” Marinette.  How do we got about doing that?


A huge thank you to everyone that helped to make TEDxMarinette a reality – the presenters, behind the scenes people, Keran DeCamp, Adam DeWitt, Keith Schroeder, Michelle Bezio, the people who assisted Monday, the newspaper and radio people, the people who came, and so many others!  THANK YOU!

TEDxMarinette Programs

Take a look at the programs for the day’s events.

TEDxMarinette Evening Program

TEDxMarinette Student Program




Watch TEDxMarinette LIVE

Were you one of those not able to secure tickets to attend TEDxMarinette in person?  You can watch TEDxMarinette LIVE on Livestream: http://new.livestream.com/tedx/events/2037471. We will be broadcasting live Monday, April 22nd starting at 1:00pm CST.


Watch it Live! »


TedxMarinette Sold Out

TEDxMarinette is now sold out!  We will notify people who were lucky enough to have secured tickets.  People notified can begin picking their tickets up on Monday, April 15th after 12:00 P.M.  from Michelle Bezio in the School District of Marinette District Office.  Tickets need to be picked-up by Wednesday, April 17th by 4:00 P.M.  We have started a waiting list so if tickets aren’t picked-up, we will work with people on the waiting list.  Thank you for your support of this awesome program!